Since 1982, Evangelist Paul Schwanke has traveled the world preaching the ‘Unsearchable Riches of Christ.” With the Bible as the only authority, God has blessed him with the joy of seeing people saved and churches strengthened for the Savior. Please come to one of the Revival Meetings this year!

2 New Books are now available. Josiah and His Bible is the newest addition to the Magnify the Word series. Preaching Daniel is a collection of 12 Bible messages as preached in Revival Meetings.

2020 was a great year for the preaching of the Bible! The itinerary for Evangelist Schwanke was busier than ever, and by the grace of God, 2021 is stacked with meetings. Strong churches and pastors who believe that ‘assemblies need to assemble’ did not bow the knee of compromise, and the result was the special blessing of God upon the work. The schedule calls for trips to Canada, Malaysia, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Mexico in addition to meetings in twenty-three different states. Please pray for the preaching that God would use His Word for His glory.

The MP3 Collection of preaching now contains 614 Bible messages that have been preached through the years. The additions for 2021 include messages from Luke, Habakkuk, and 2 Chronicles. The USB stick comes with a reduced price as well as special pricing for upgrading from a previous purchase.

Evangelist Schwanke has 22 books available. They are written with the intent of being a blessing and encouragement to Independent Baptist Churches. There are 7 books dedicated to the mighty prophets of the Old Testament entitled ‘Major Messages from Minor Prophets’. He has written 6 shorter works exalting the Bible called the ‘Magnify the Word’ series. ‘The Front Two Rows’ series are books written for young people who are serious about the Will of God. These books are available in print and e-book formats.