Two new books are now available in print and e-book format. Josiah and His Bible is the 6th addition to the Magnify the Word series. These are short reads that are dedicated to honoring the Bible. Preaching Daniel is a new project. It is a collection of 12 messages as preached in Revival Meetings. These books can be found at Evangelist Schwanke’s Author Page.

Major Messages from Minor Prophets

The Major Messages from Minor Prophets Series goes to the final 12 books of the Old Testament to glean God’s messages that are so applicable to our day. While many abandon this part of the Bible because it either too difficult or too convicting, a study of these books cries out for a people of God to be sober and serious about His Will. Seven books have been written with five yet to be done. The latest is the story of Habakkuk entitled How Long? May God use His Word to stir His saints in times like these!

The Front Two Rows Series
For Young People Serious about the Will of God

A youth pastor once told me his entire ministry changed when he stopped preaching to the back rows and started working with the front two rows. Too often, we neglect the people with the biggest hearts for the Lord! These books are written to encourage teenagers who desire to live for Jesus and please Him. They are written with the prayer that God will raise up a generation of men and ladies who want nothing else other than to live for Christ. Watch for the third installment later this year.

Magnify the Word Series

The Magnify the Word Series is a collection of short reads written with the desire to exalt the Bible. It seems that people love to debate about the Bible, yet God settles every argument. He is not simply the final authority, He is the only authority!

Other Titles by Evangelist Schwanke

Links to purchase these books are available at Evangelist Schwanke’s Author Page at Amazon.